Miracle on Mount Crumpit | 17 November – 31 December

Christmas is coming and here at The Ivy
We’re decking the halls and we’re making things lively.

Enlisting the help of some good friends of ours,
We’ll keep you all happy into the small hours.

“What’s that?” you say, “What have we here?”
Verve Clicquot, Hennessy and Belvedere?

Yes! Cocktails with alcohol, cocktails with none
Drinks to bring everyone all types of fun.

The one thing they all have is seasonal cheer
To conjure a smile from a sour Grinch’s sneer.

But that is not all, no of course it is not,
You’ll discover much more, you’ll discover a lot.

A beautiful entrance to welcome you in,
With colours and decor to make your head spin.

And once you’re inside, then what will you find?
Joy to both Grinches and all humankind!

With great entertainment and dishes for days
A Snowball dessert that will leave you amazed.

And if you’re left thinking, “That’s perfect, but how?”
The answer is simple – click here to…